Clients commission us to work on their brands, digital products and customer experiences: driving ideas from inception to launch. As branding and marketing are often vital components of this process, we also deliver end-to-end solutions.

1Digital Products

We provide a holistic service delivering research, strategy, concept, design, prototyping, development, QA and deployment.

Types of Digital Products

  • Landing Pages & Marketing Sites
  • Corporate Websites
  • eCommerce
  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps

Exemplary Scopes

  • Evaluation & improvement of UX
  • Definition & launch of MVPs
  • Launch of new digital products
  • Redesign of existing digital products
  • Conception & prototyping of features
  • Development of design systems
  • Digital transformation of business models


We design visual identities along with their corresponding key digital, print and spatial applications; create brand guidelines and produce all related printed material.


We develop brand platforms, marketing communication strategies and campaigns which are produced in close collaboration with trusted partners.

Types of engagement

Ongoing partnerships

In collaborative partnerships we work on key business issues in an iterative manner.


Projects start at around three months, while average project is around six months and large-scale projects take up to 12 months.


For clients who are looking for pure advice on user experience, branding, marketing strategies or technology stacks.


We conduct workshops to help clients to innovate, educate and inspire across digital products, marketing and branding.

Compensation model

As a digital product studio that has a knack for entrepreneurial pursuits we also offer more flexible compensation packages in addition to the classic model.


The usual and most common form of cooperation between a client and us: we get ‘paid-for-time’ or agree on a fixed price for a specific scope.

Shared revenue / performance based

Used as an incentive program we offer models where we reduce the classic fee structure in order to participate in the impact and results our work generates.


If the opportunity arises and it’s attractive enough we also offer an equity-for-service type of model where part of our compensation is paid in shares.