Project Details

Areas of Work

  • eCommerce


  • Creative Direction
  • UX / UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development

About the client

With a unique selection of brands like Noah, Palace, IRAK, Stüssy and Thrasher, Civilist has been one of Europe’s premier skateboarding destinations and favourite youth hang-out spots since 2009.

Civilist is actively engaged in the scene by supporting emerging artists, hosting events, and collaborating with brands like Vans, Nike SB, and Stüssy. They also run their own label, heavily influenced by what’s going on in Berlin and whose products you’ll find in stores around the world from Supreme in Paris to Andrew in Miami, Beams in Tokyo and Dime in Montréal.

Task & scope

In 2014 we introduced Civilist to the world with their first eCommerce store. Eight years later Civilist as a store experience and brand had evolved, and their tech stack needed updating.


Development of a new technical architecture that streamlines operations and creates more opportunities to deliver an innovative digital shopping experience.

Customer Experience

Evolve the digital shop experience to match the vibe of the physical store and support common usage patterns.


A low-key shop experience that feels effortless but engaging

Over time Civilist gained a sizeable cult following of regular website visitors.

With intentionally low-key visuals but carefully crafted interaction and motion, we created a shop experience for them that feels effortless and uniquely Civilist.

Doubling down on the main use case

Keen not to miss out, Civilist’s dedicated followers check out every product arrival and drop in considerable numbers.

Doubling down on this use case, we let users check out the latest products with a flow as smooth as butter.


A headless implementation of Shopify allowed us to use the best of both worlds: Short time to market through a standardized platform with a vast ecosystem of back-end extensions while delivering a completely custom user experience.

Tech Stack

  • Next.js
  • React
  • Sanity
  • Shopify (headless)
  • Vercel



  • Steffen Grap