Project Details

Areas of Work

  • eCommerce
  • Branding


  • Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • UX / UI Design
  • Front-end Development

About the Client

VooStore is one of the world’s most renowned concept stores. Their unique product selection covers fashion, footwear, beauty products, jewellery and magazines. The brands range from luxury labels like Prada to up-and-coming designers like Jacquemus or Craig Green.

Task & Scope

After three years in business and winning the first Super Store prize, a competition hosted by e-commerce hub Farfetch.com, the team at Voo saw the potential to venture into online and asked us to develop the full digital shopping experience.

eCommerce platform

Launch of VooStore’s eCommerce platform, integrated with in-store sales and inventory management system.

Visual identity

Develop a coherent branding across key applications by systematizing all existing branding elements and developing new ones.

End-to-end experience

Develop all branded assets such as transactional mails and thank you notes to deliver an end-to-end shopping experience.


Translating the physical experience to online

When conceptualising the digital shopping experience, we doubled down on what the physical store is known for: an inspiring shopping experience.

Rather than following conventional patterns that often focus on customers who already know what they want, we built the overall information architecture around the idea that browsing the site should be an entertaining activity, leading to the discovery of new products.

Browsing and discovering products without getting diverted by price or brand

We stripped category pages from all distracting information to give room for large product imagery and make browsing as appealing as possible.

Just like peeking the inconspicuous hang-tag on garments in-store, information is only shown on hover, allowing customers to browse products without being preoccupied by brand or price.

Outfit shots to inspire users and strengthen VooStore’s brand

Shots of outfits break up category pages and drive product discoveries.

The looks and outfits frame products, helping users to develop a sense of style and strengthen VooStore’s progressive role in fashion.

Making customers fall in love 
with a product

Using high quality full-bleed imagery we turned product pages into an immersive experience.

Instead of a conventional zoom-function, we had photographers take close-up shots that guide the users’ attention towards specific details of a product.

Detailed product descriptions inform users about the item and testify to VooStore’s competence and authority in fashion.

More ways to discover products: shop the editorial

We introduced an additional way to browse and discover new products and outfits: editorials with shopping functionality.

This promoted the brand's point of view on upcoming seasons, highlighting brands or specific products and strengthening VooStore’s position as a taste-maker.

Creating an end-to-end shopping experience

In order to deliver a memorable shopping experience we carefully considered and designed each touchpoint and transaction along the customer’s end-to-end journey.



Confirmation mail that answers all important questions like “Did my order go through?” and “When will my product be shipped?” in an elegant yet skimmable way.

Order fulfillment

Shipping confirmation mail with tracking code to manage customers’ expectations.


Physical ‘thank you’ card with all necessary information such as return policy and space for handwritten personal notes.


Minimalistic newsletter that doesn’t feel like a promotion but rather an announcement to inform customers about new seasons, products and sales to keep them coming back.


Attracted a global customer base

The eCommerce store was able to attract a global customer base, with orders from outside of Germany making up around 65% of revenue (Europe, Asia and U.S.).

High customer retention

Due to a high share of returning customers and direct type-ins, eCommerce revenue went up around 25% year-after-year while marketing expenses remained constant.

Shopping as a leisure activity

With a high average visit duration and many products closely examined, the data proved our approach got the desired results.

Strengthened brand as forward thinking

We’re delighted to say since launch the project’s aesthetics, user flows and components have been copied by many other companies.


Realtime synchronization of stock across brick-and-mortar stores, warehouses and online outlets as well as custom processes in merchandising and order fulfillment asked for a platform that went beyond the boundaries of a simple eCommerce solution.

Tech Stack

  • Magento
  • Ansible
  • Bootstrap
  • NetSuite



  • Rita Lino
  • Volker Conradus
  • José Cuevas


  • Inkwell by MediumExtraBold
  • Dia by Schick Toikka